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The Educraytors

What’s an Educraytor you might ask? Of course, it’s a pun combining the words “educator” and “Cray,” but more specifically, they are certified Crayligraphy instructors from around the world!


Veronica Ruiz

Educraytor • Reppin Colorado, USA

Veronica is a lettering artist based out of Denver, Colorado. Drawing letters has been her passion since she was first exposed to the wonder of typography in her graphic design classes at the University of Central Florida. Veronica loves sharing everything she’s learned in her lettering journey with others through her Instagram and blog.

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Terence Tang

Educraytor • Reppin Texas, USA

Terence is a freelance lettering artist and graphic designer from Houston, Texas. He has been obsessed with artistic handwriting and drawing letters since childhood, but didn't begin intentional practice until 2013 when the Instagram boom exposed him to calligraphers like Colin, Matt Vergotis, and Daniel Palacios. He has now integrated what began as a serious hobby into his professional design workflow, where magic markers are now among his go-to tools for designing logos and lifestyle goods.

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Matt Vergotis

Educraytor • Reppin The Gold Coast, Australia

Socializing in logo design & corporate Identity, Matt fell in love with lettering and calligraphy when he identified that a client could benefit from a hand lettered looking logo. Since executing this logo, he's been obsessed like a mad dog in refining his craft. Matt designs logos for big brands all around the world as well as writing titles for Spotify and musicians.

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Ian Barnard

Educraytor • Reppin England

Ian is a UK-based calligrapher, hand letterer, type designer and newbie muralist. His love for lettering started when he got a copy of “Calligraphy for Dummies” 5 years ago and now pursues his passion full time through custom lettering for brands, selling fonts and digital products and teaching others through short Instagram and YouTube videos. He uses both analogue and digital media, finding anything and everything he can get his hands on to letter with or on. Passionate to see other people pick up his love for letters and that learning calligraphy still hasn’t sorted out his terrible handwriting.

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Daniel Palacios

Educraytor • Reppin California, USA

Daniel is a Los Angeles-based designer, artist, dreamer & storyteller. He has been helping brands visually tell their stories through simple design & teaching workshops under the name of his studio, Highpulp.

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Together, we are building a platform to help people elevate their skills in lettering and calligraphy. We promote the passion behind penmanship and keep it alive through celebrating artists and their work. Our hope with Crayligraphy is to provide encouragement and keep the traditional form of intentional writing alive, by making it fun for all to learn.