20 Minutes Of Cray


Keys to the account

what is 20 minutes of cray?

In October of 2018, my wife, Lindsey of @WriteHandMama, decided it was time to follow in her husband’s footsteps and try her hand at calligraphy. Her husband being me, Colin Tierney (aka the founder of Crayligraphy).

At the time, I was heavily preaching to my workshop students that if they wanted to see significant improvement with their letterforms, they had to use the tools we provided in the workshop. That it was their job to continue the work. My theory has always remained the same; 20 minutes of practice each day would show faster results.

Lindsey and I put this idea to the test, just to be sure I wasn’t spouting out nonsense. Together, we came up with @20MinutesOfCray and yes, another pun to add to the mix 😐. Lindsey was our guinea pig. She was the experiment to back up my hypothesis. The plan was for Lindsey to practice her calligraphy using any broad-line marker by referencing the free Crayligraphy guide we provide for all members of The Craymunity and reading the blog tutorials I’ve written.

Are you just starting out your journey in hand lettering and calligraphy? Are you struggling to find time to practice? We get it.

The problem is finding the time. The solution is creating the time. We all have busy schedules with a million thoughts running through our heads. In order to be successful in something, you have to form a habit of deliberate practice. If you don’t carve out time to devote the effort, you won’t be any closer to goals.

This is why we came up with #20MinutesOfCray. Oh look, another pun!

Thanks so much for your willingness to participate in our monthly challenge! By holding the keys to the @20minutesofcray account, our goal is for you to reach yours. Through public accountability and showing up every day, we’re confident you’ll be well on your way to improving your letterforms in no time. And by “no time,” we mean little time. As in, just 30 days. 😐

We want this experience to feel natural to you, so treat the Instagram account like you would your own. You’re encouraged to add your own personality and voice, with a few suggestions and requirements along the way.


Challenge Topic

First things first, think of a challenge topic. It helps to do something you are passionate about to help keep the momentum. Once you think you know your topic, run it by us, and we will give you the “go ahead.” We may have a suggestion or two, but we want this to be your creative process so it won’t be much (if any at all). If you are uncertain about your challenge topic, we are here to help!

Daily Upkeep

Your responsibilities are pretty simple. Practice for 20 minutes (you’ll soon find out that it’s easy to go over 20 minutes) and post your work to Instagram (@20minutesofcray) and Facebook (The Craymunity).

  • Post your challenge image weekly (we’ll provide these images for you).

  • Post your daily Crayligraphy to @20minutesofcray.

  • Tag @Crayligraphy, @20minutesofcray and your personal handle name.

  • Hashtag #Crayligraphy and #20minutesofcray.

  • Interact with any comments or questions from your audience.

  • Create daily stories on Instagram to showcase others’ work who are doing the challenge along side you.


  • Post your work around the same time everyday. It can be morning, noon, or night, but consistency will play in your favor with Instagram’s incredibly annoying algorithm. More importantly, a schedule will help you create a routine. Make it convenient for you.

  • Take some process shots of your work and post it in your Stories.

  • If you’re comfortable enough, video yourself lettering. This can be posted in your feed or even used in your Stories.

  • Feel free to add a personal touch to your Stories by showing your audience a bit of your everyday personal life.

  • Critique your own work every once in a while. It’s a great way to further your learning process and it shows your followers we all need improvement no matter the skill level.

  • Post everything to your personal page or creative page as well. This way your regular followers will know what you are up to!

  • Get creative! If you think of something you'd like to incorporate into your month, just let us know!

Finally, at the end of your month, we have you fill out a small questionnaire that will be posted on the Crayligraphy website and linked to your personal website and/or social media accounts.

What we will do for you

We’ll create your weekly challenge images. We’ll send each week’s challenge post prior to your month’s takeover.

For the first week of your challenge, we will post your challenge image for you and introduce you to our audience. After the first week, you will be responsible for posting your challenge weekly both on Instagram and Facebook (The Craymunity)

If you’re interested, Colin will do a weekly Craytique of your work. We will choose a lettering piece that you’ve already created from your challenge and Colin will mark it up with comments and suggestions. We post it to Crayligraphy’s Stories and tag @20minutesofcray along with your personal handle.

Lindsey will be available to chat via Facebook Messenger so please feel free to connect with her if you have any questions or concerns.

Last but not least

Have fun with this. If it starts to feel like a job, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, a 30 day challenge will seem like a long time. There will be days you want to skip or quit simply because you’re just not feeling it. But hang in there. We all go through the same creative block and somehow break through it.

You will too. You’ll look back in 30 days, 6 months, a year, and so on. Each time, you’ll laugh when you see how far you’ve come.

Stay Cray ✌️😎