Letter of the Cray!

Along with helping you learn Crayligraphy through tutorials, we created a different kind of challenge for you to implement in your daily practice.

Sesame Street is a beloved show watched by many and continues to evolve every year.

Each episode consists of a segment including the now infamous song The Letter of the Day in which Elmo and the gang sing the song in anticipation before finally revealing the a letter.

Since it’s apparent we exhaust the (probably-not-that-funny and just plain annoying) use of puns and wordplays, it’s befitting that we came up with “The Letter of the Cray!”

If you follow us on Instagram, every Sunday you can expect to see stories of us producing videos geared towards writing a specific letter of the alphabet.

How will we choose this letter you ask? Well who better to generate this random letter than our furry little red-headed friend named Elmo?!

Whichever letter is chosen, will be the letter we cover for the day. We’ll break down the letter and show you how to recreate it in its simplest form. We’ll even show you different variations or styles of the letter that you can explore.

Make sure you tune in if you’re interested because the recording only lives on Instagram for 24 hours. After that, it’s gone forever! Disappearing into an abyss of digital dust.

Are you ready for this? Break out your magic markers and let's get Cray!  

Watch The Letter of the Cray! every Sunday!

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