Changing Direction With #20MinutesOfCray

A new account that will be run by you

A little update on my wife Lindsey’s Instagram account, @20MinutesOfCray: If you’ve been following her, you might have noticed Lindsey adding more of a personal touch to her posts and captions. This is great and means she is evolving within her own creative world, but #20MinutesOfCray didn’t align with what she was sharing anymore.

While Lindsey continues to practice and improve every day (and beyond just the 20 minute commitment), the account was no longer resonating with Lindsey or with our audience the same way it did when we began.

We want @20MinutesOfCray to continue to inspire people and we want to share more successful stories through the commitment and challenge of practicing 20 minutes each day.

So starting March 1, we are treating @20MinutesOfCray as a relay. We’re passing the baton to Andrew Ley to take over the account and to create a challenge for you to join in on. This will give us another front row seat to witness another’s improvement each and every day.

Once Andrew’s month is complete, he will then pass the baton to the next interested account holder willing to do the same. This way, we will have a continuous feed of inspirational stories.

If you are interested in joining the relay, I would love for you to take on the challenge. Not only will you be featured by Crayligraphy throughout the month and interviewed on our website (not to mention you’ll be able to link back to your personal account with every post), but more importantly, you’ll have the motivation to commit through a public accountability platform. Win win!

This challenge will no doubt improve your skills. Lindsey was our guinea pig and proved our theory to be correct. If this interests you or you’ve been neglecting to practice and need a good reason to kickstart your creativity, feel free to sign up on the waiting list.

Oh and if you’d like to continue to follow Lindsey’s lettering journey, her new account is fittingly, @WriteHandMama. Check her out on the Gram and say hello!