Radio Silence Part 2: 🤫💩🤐



This is Chicken Scratch

A comprehensive journal written by me and deciphered by you.

I’ve always said, my problems are mostly inconveniences when compared to the struggle many people in this world have to endure. So before reading any further, please know that I fully understand my troubles are a grain of salt compared to the dispensers a lot of people have to shake every day.

The last thing I want to do is bore you with personal problems in hopes of earning your sympathy. Having said that, there’s a reason for all of this and if you haven’t put the pieces together, I’ll be laying them out for you in the near future.

Last month, I completed my mini Crayligraphy Workshop tour. I travelled to 4 different cities within a 4 week span. The “tour” was a great experience that ended on a high note. I taught workshops to an amazing group of students from all over. I’m very grateful to have had the interest and opportunity to work with generous partners, accommodating venues and awesome cohosts/friends who’ve helped make these events so successful.

Granted, I was pretty drained from all the traveling and teaching, this was not the sole reason I stopped all interaction with you. The day I returned home from the trip was the same day I learned more unfortunate news about my business that almost brought me to my wits’ end 🤫💩🤐. Talk about a complete shift in emotional tides.

From the inception of Crayligraphy, you might’ve noticed my frequent, sporadic radio silence. A burst of new ideas, projects or tutorials that start with a bang and fade into digital dust; all due to the same, exhausting reoccurring waves. This latest episode, also attributable to the same situation 🤫💩🤐.

On this particular day, I told my wife, “F*#k it! I’m done!” I was going to shut down Crayligraphy and close the doors on Tierney Studio.

What a stupid thing to say.

My brash decision was the result of a total mental lapse. A reaction to an all-too-familiar outcome in something I have worked so hard to make work. Unless I found a design related job in the immediate future, giving up would only make my “problems” worse.

To be clear, my freelance and entrepreneurial endeavors are all done in favor of people. When I introduced Crayligraphy almost 3 years ago, my idea was to build a platform that would help people who were interested in learning the art of calligraphy through a contemporary system. On the other hand, Tierney Studio is a way for me to help people thrive by developing a visual presence for their brand.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it though. Yes, I find joy in helping others, but the determining drive—for everything I do—is family.

I have 3 children and a wife who sacrifices her life for us. She left her “full time job” last year so that she could stay at home, help with the businesses and—most importantly—raise our children. A full-time, remote job that’s often under appreciated. It should be most admired because like me, not everyone is cut out for it.

I know what I’m good at and I don’t pretend to be a Jack-of-all-trades. I celebrate small wins when I can and I do my best to stay grounded. I’m working to make my life work. My life is my family. In my mind, this is not an option because the most important people in my life are depending on me.

Simply put, I needed to grow up.

Thankfully, through the support of family and friends, I’ve been able to reset, recalibrate and march forward after each setback. I like what my friend Scotty of The Perspective Collective tells me all the time; “A setback is a setup for a comeback.”

You might be asking, what’s the difference this time around? That’s a fair question and my answer to you is, perhaps nothing at all. The 🤫💩🤐 debacle seems to be a never ending story and I could find myself back in an indefinite hiatus.

But, I would much rather be a radio transmitter than radio silent.

I guess what it comes down to is my attitude. It’s not a matter of if, but when 🤫💩🤐 resurfaces. I can either say “F*#k it!” and choose to drown myself in my sorrows, or Forrest Gump this bitch, and say, “sh!t happens.” Then I’ll hop on a boat (or run across the country) and change the tide on my terms.