Finding time to practice hand lettering and calligraphy

When signing up to The Craymunity newsletter we ask you a few questions to help us understand you better—in turn—allowing us to help our audience accomplish their goals. One of the questions asks you to tell us your biggest struggle when pursuing calligraphy. The majority of the responses are pretty much the same: finding time.


You’ve responded and we’ve listened. Now it’s our turn to respond. Or should I say more specifically, my wife Lindsey’s time to respond. Cue our next project—20 Minutes of Cray.

Lindsey has been a part of Crayligraphy since its inception. We call Lindsey the linchpin because without her, Crayligraphy would not be possible. Lindsey works behind the scenes to help organize events, plan workshops and manage the day-to-day responsibilities to keep Crayligraphy alive and well! On top of this, she’s a stay-at-home mom who raises our 3 loving gremlins (that’s children to the layperson) allowing us to create a platform to help you.

Lindsey has always admired calligraphy and the artist’s work we feature. Now, she has taken it upon herself to learn the art by practicing the best way she knows how—through Crayligraphy—within a span of 20 minutes each day.

From Lindsey:

As a Crayligrapher’s wife, I should have started this process years ago, but I never thought I had good handwriting and therefore, I wouldn’t produce anything worthwhile. I now feel like I can do this after watching Colin teach his workshops and noticing great results from all of his students!

To show you how anyone can work magic with a marker here it goes—20 minutes of practice a day! Or rather, #20MinutesOfCray. I invite you to join me in this daily process by posting your work in either The Craymunity or on Instagram using the hashtag above. We’re in this together!

We’re using Lindsey as our guinea pig to prove that anyone can learn Crayligraphy. Look at her work above and you can see how much Lindsey has improved in exactly one month! You might be thinking that she has me to help her out whenever she needs it. That’s not the case! Lindsey and I both agreed that she would only use the reference guide we send to subscribers when they sign up to The Craymunity (newsletter) and tutorials we’ve already provided on this site.

The problem for most people is finding time. The solution is making the time.

Sounds easier said than done, right? But you can find ways to practice. Instead of inputting your grocery list into some app on your smart phone, write it out in Crayligraphy! Enjoy watching Netflix? So do I! Break out your markers and practice while watching reruns of The Office. In a meeting? Take notes with your marker!

Find a reason to practice.

I challenge you to begin your daily practice with Lindsey. No more excuses. Do you want to get good at calligraphy? I know you hear this all the time, but you have to put in the work. Twenty minutes out of your day shouldn’t be too difficult. If you want to get better, you’ll find a way and then you’ll look back in a year and laugh when comparing your latest piece to your first.

Use The Craymunity as your accountability partners and follow along on Instagram so you can see Lindsey’s improvements as she continues her practice.