Candy Cane Lettering

Learn how to make your lettering look like candy canes

Have you ever wanted to add some dimension to your lettering? How about making your work themed around a particular season? If you’re thinking candy cane styled letters for the holidays, well then we’re totally cut from the same Christmas cloth!


In this 5 step process, I’ll show you how to bring some sweet holiday cheer to your lettering with this fun candy cane technique!



Step 2: Add consistent Weight

Using darker pencil lines, thicken your letters and be sure they remain monoweight (without thick and thin line variations). Make sure all of your edges are rounded. Rounding your edges give the style a more playful and fun look—and of course—emphasizes the appearance of a candy cane.


Step 3

With your red marker, add stripes to each letter. Candy canes come in all sorts of stripes and patterns, so I recommend checking out some pics online to help you decide what kind you’d like to use.


Step 4

Using your black fine tip marker, add a shadow line directly on each letter. The light source in this “SWEET” piece is coming from the top left, so every shadow line will be underneath and to the right of each stroke.

Once your shadow line dries, erase any pencil line that is still visible around each letter. It’s okay to see a faint pencil line—this can act as a very light shadow for the letters.


Step 5

For this next step, you want your pencil to have a dull tip. If it’s too pointed or sharp your lines will be too dark and harsh. You can rub your pencil on a scratch sheet of paper to wear it down. Lightly add a shadow on top of the letters in the same places as your black marker shadow. Remember to follow the curves of the letter. The ends of this pencil shadow will be tapered.

Finally, add a highlight on the opposite side of your shadows using your white gel pen and you’re all done!


This technique can be time consuming, but it’s totally worth it when you have an end result that will definitely delight anyone you share it with. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial!

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