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Regan Hicks


Regan Hicks

Regan lives in South West England and has been lettering in one form or another since she was about 12. Regan started taking it a bit more seriously over the last 12 months but it’s still very much a hobby.

During the day, Regan works as an Occupational Therapy Assistant but will be leaving her job at the end of August to train to be an Occupational Therapist. Exciting times!

With Occupational Therapy in mind, lettering is a meaningful occupation. Regan enjoys taking part in 20 Minutes of Cray and watching her lettering improve!



What made you want to take over the account and how did you benefit from managing it?

Even though I’m a beginner, after seeing my friend, Andy host, I thought “I can learn to do this”. It was a challenge, I didn’t even have an Instagram account!

It’s benefitted me in several ways. Firstly, I now know how to use Instagram which has given me lots of ideas in terms of styles, lettering etc.

Mostly, by committing a small amount of time each day, I have seen an improvement in my Crayligraphy (and lettering in general!).

I’ve enjoyed seeing those taking part improve and it was honestly an honour to host the account. It’s boosted my confidence for sure.

Did you really spend 20 minutes each day throughout the challenge? If so, do you think practicing 20 minutes a day for an entire month helped improve your lettering?

Mostly, yes. The odd occasion I spent less time and sometimes when I couldn’t get my writing to be “good enough,” I spent a bit longer—maybe 40 mins—but tried to keep that to a minimum because the whole idea is that you spend 20 minutes doing it.

What resources did you find most helpful?

  • The Crayligraphy Workbook Colin sent me (I had the lesser version already, but the version Colin sent was more comprehensive).

  • Craytiques. I was lucky enough to get two!

  • Videos from other participants.

  • Advice from other members.

  • My own lettering books.

What challenges did you face during your challenge month?

  1. Getting to grips with Instagram.

  2. Videoing my work.

  3. Doing 20 mins of cray when arriving home from dinner out for my birthday. That was a night when I definitely spent less than 20 mins lettering 😂.

  4. Motivation to keep going at around day 17.

What was your favorite part of hosting an entire month of prompts on @20MinutesOfCray?

Seeing other people take part and seeing their improvements made during the course of the month as well as my own.

I really enjoyed seeing what people came up with from my prompts too.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in taking on the challenge either as the host or a participant?

It’s definitely a commitment but one that is beneficial to you and others if you like lettering. You will improve your Crayligraphy skills by hosting or participating and you’ll get to “virtually” meet lots of interesting people from lots of different places.

I really like being part of a community of people who have an interest in lettering. I found the variety of skills out there phenomenal. It’s especially great to be able to get good enough to help someone else improve. Hosting and participating are both awesome opportunities.

Are you planning to continue your practice and if so, how will you stay committed?

YES YES YES! I am already continuing as a participant in the challenge following my host month. Participation will become harder as of September for a couple of years because I’ll be a mature student studying full time but where I can, I’ll continue to participate.

I’m also interested in hand lettering as an ‘occupation’ and will have a thesis to write, so you never know, I might be able to incorporate lettering and Crayligraphy into my studies!

Thanks again for the opportunity.


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