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Nikita Prokhorov

A round-robin experiment encouraging you to show up and practice hand lettering and calligraphy every single day. Each month, we invite a new member of The Craymunity to hold the keys to the Instagram account while creating a daily challenge based on a theme of their choice.



Nikita is a lettering artist and graphic designer with over a decade of experience that covers the gamut of non-profit, education, publishing, and agency work. Ambigrams and hand-lettering have been his passion for a very long time, and he spends many of his waking hours refining his craft. Currently, Nikita teaches full time at the Shillington School of Design in NYC and freelances on the side. Nikita frequently makes bad and good (original!) puns that make people groan and roll their eyes 🙄

Sounds like he’ll fit right in 😐

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Coming soon!


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