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Lindsey Tierney



Lindsey is the linchpin—the other half of Tierney Studio, Crayligraphy and of course, Colin. She makes all things work through organizing events, planning workshops and managing the day-to-day responsibilities to keep Crayligraphy alive and well!

More importantly, Lindsey is a stay-at-home mommy of 3 and the very reason Colin is able to continue his pursuit in making Crayligraphy a go-to platform for all things letterforms.



What made you want to take over the account and how did you benefit from managing it?

For years, my home has been swamped with hundreds, literally hundreds, of papers of Colin’s Crayligraphy. I’ve watched his passion progress into amazing skill, and I have always wanted to learn the art. However, I never thought my handwriting was good enough. Colin has been preaching that anyone can learn the art of lettering with a common magic marker with just 20 minutes a day. So, it was perfect timing. I wanted to be the guinea pig to prove his theory. And not to toot my own horn, but I think proved the theory. Managing this account gave me accountability to show up everyday, give it my all, and prove myself.

Did you really spend 20 minutes each day throughout the challenge? If so, do you think practicing 20 minutes a day for an entire month helped improve your lettering?

Mostly, Yes. However, there were a few challenge words that I was really having fun with. On these days, I’ll admit, I spent more than 20 minutes. However, being able to get a head start on the challenge, being that it was jointly my challenge, I was privy to the words before hand. Because of this, I was able to start a little early and plan ahead, which gave me a few more days of practice time.

What resources did you find most helpful?

The Crayligraphy guide is how I started learning. It was really hard as a newbie to have my own style. This guide was a great way to learn the rules of calligraphy and then adapt it into my own style. I referenced a lot of different guides (many from Veronica Ruiz) trying to find what style I was most comfortable with and what felt most like me.

What challenges did you face during your challenge month?

Being a crayligraphy beginner, I’d say my biggest challenge was trying to find a style. Not knowing what style worked best for me made it really difficult to be confident in my work. Practicing different lettering guides (mostly Colin’s and Veronica’s) helped me find a happy medium between the two that I ended up feeling really comfortable with.

What was your favorite part of hosting an entire month of prompts on @20MinutesOfCray?

I really enjoyed being able to see other’s work who joined in the challenge along side my own. It gave me motivation to keep going. Considering there was a mixture of newbies and more advance crayligraphers, I was able to learn so much from everyone around me. They gave me courage to try new techniques to add embellishments to my work. I don’t believe I would have come as far as I did without all the others who joined in the challenge.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in taking on the challenge either as the host or a participant?

Do it! You’ll be amazed at how far you’ll come in just a months time. And if you are already an established handletterer, you’re involvement gives us newbies encouragement, motivation, and stamina to keep trying!

Are you planning to continue your practice and if so, how will you stay committed?

Absolutely! I have changed my IG account to integrate my letting practice and I’m actively involved in the Facebook group The Craymunity. I’m using these two platforms to hold myself accountable, but I’m also hoping that my growth will motivate others to take up this hobby as well!


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