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Lauren Gray



Lauren is a designer turned product manager currently residing in Salt Lake City. She enjoys traveling, mountain biking, climbing and anything in the outdoors. She loves creating and is currently learning hand lettering when she’s not spending time with her artistic husband and daughter.



What made you want to take over the account and how did you benefit from managing it?

I followed Crayligraphy and #20minutesofcray but wasn't feeling enough accountability. I wanted to show others that it's possible to improve in a short time when you are dedicated to it.

Did you really spend 20 minutes each day throughout the challenge? If so, do you think practicing 20 minutes a day for an entire month helped improve your lettering?

I probably spent more than 20. There was a weekend when I was traveling so I did a couple of posts in one day to catch up. But that would mean I was spending double the time on some days. I got really into it.

What resources did you find most helpful?

Feedback from Colin, other Instagram videos of people lettering and the Crayligraphy website.

What challenges did you face during your challenge month?

Around about day 20 it gets hard to do everyday with a full time job and being a new mom.

What was your favorite part of hosting an entire month of prompts on @20MinutesOfCray?

The feedback from others and seeing people follow along with the challenge. Also, I realized how if I want to improve I need to create the time to do it. Creating the time makes things completely doable and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in taking on the challenge either as the host or a participant?

Create the time and have fun doing it. I ended up doing a lot of reading about the National Parks I was doing so it became a fun side project and was educational and creative.

Are you planning to continue your practice and if so, how will you stay committed?

Yes! I have an iPad Pro and have a letter builder and layout builder to get me started. Instead of doing it daily, I plan to carve out time weekly.


Let’s letter National Parks!

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