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Jillian Henderson



Jillian is a hobbyist, crafter and a self-proclaimed Jill-of-all-Trades, as she loves to dabble in just about anything creative! Residing in Frederick, Maryland, Jillian has worked at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for over a decade.

Jillian finds time in the evenings (after the kids are asleep) to enter into the world of #20MinutesOfCray! and loves using song lyrics for inspirations. Jillian attended a Crayligraphy workshop in April of this year and started participating in the Crayligraphy challenge the following month. Jillian’s been the prime example of Crayligraphy’s motto: create—don’t find—the time to practice every single day.


Coming soon!


Bam, Onomatopoeia!

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