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Hannah Ha Jordan



Hannah is a super extroverted (one might even say, #EXTRAverted) wife and mother (to an equally, if not MORE extroverted, toddler) in the New Orleans area.

By day, Hannah works at a computer as a data analyst and she’s in a data science grad school program. But once Hannah clocks out, she spends her spare time cultivating her pen-to-paper roots and running Handwritten Hannah, a one-woman calligraphy and handwriting service. Hannah loves any opportunity to continue learning and honing her craft!

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What made you want to take over the account and how did you benefit from managing it?

Lettering and calligraphy have always been things that I've enjoyed, and because it's something I like to do, it's easy for it to become something I fail to prioritize in my life. But I also know that I'm much better with external motivations, and I definitely didn't want to let down the entire Crayligraphy community! So it was a great way to ensure I made the time each day to practice my lettering.

Did you really spend 20 minutes each day throughout the challenge? If so, do you think practicing 20 minutes a day for an entire month helped improve your lettering?

Yes! Some days it was 20 minutes re-doing the same word over and over again... other days it was 20 minutes doing more intricate detail work. In the words of Ariana Grande... "One taught me love, One taught me patience, And one taught me pain, Now, I'm so amazing."

What resources did you find most helpful?

I browsed a lot of other crayligraphers using the #Crayligraphy hashtag to see how they would form different letters in different styles using similar tools. I had started with the Lettering Archive, but I preferred seeing other variations using marker.

What challenges did you face during your challenge month?

Taking a good picture of my work! It was fine when my 20 minutes were at the beginning of the day, so I could just borrow the nearest window for some natural light... but a lot of the time, my creative time is late night, so it was hard to get good lighting for the pictures!

What was your favorite part of hosting an entire month of prompts on @20MinutesOfCray?

I loved seeing other artists' interpretation of the words! It was great seeing how the same word could look so different and convey such different tones when done in different styles and different colors/shading.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in taking on the challenge either as the host or a participant?

1. It was helpful to be writing words that weren't real words. There are lots of times when I'm lettering and I get distracted, and I end up writing a different word that crossed my mind instead of what I intended to write. With nonsense words (or maybe words in an unfamiliar language), I was forced to slow down and focus more on how each letter followed each other.
2. Don't get caught up on a specific style or color. I may have started out envisioning the lettering one way, but it doesn't always work out, and I ended up switching between cursive v. print, capitalized letters v. lowercase letters, warm colors v. cool colors, fragmented v. fluid, etc.

Are you planning to continue your practice and if so, how will you stay committed?

I wanted to be better about sending greeting cards to friends and family for their birthdays and anniversaries... but it turns out that greeting cards are SUPER expensive! So I'll be "crayligraphying" all of these cards going forward!

Also, I'll definitely be participating in a future challenge if the topic so calls me.

And creeping eyes emoji looking for the next Crayligraphy workshop within driving distance!


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