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Andrew Ley



Andrew is a graphic designer from a small town called Cullompton in the South West of the UK with his wife and two young children (one of them just born a few weeks ago! 😲).

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What made you want to take over the account and how did you benefit from managing it?

When Colin and Lindsey invited me to host the first takeover there was no way I was going to say no! I really enjoyed having the chance to engage with the Crayligraphy community on Instagram - from day one I was getting the best feedback and encouragement from the people taking part.

Did you really spend 20 minutes each day throughout the challenge? If so, do you think practicing 20 minutes a day for an entire month helped improve your lettering?

I tried my best to stick to the 20 minutes time limit each day, even if it meant putting out something I wasn't 100% happy with. I know there were a few people taking part in the challenge who were just starting out with Crayligraphy so I just told myself that by showing imperfect work I was helping them 😁

I was definitely noticing an improvement by the end of the month. I was feeling much more confident in the execution of my strokes, and I was finding it easier to both visualise and execute the style of letter I wanted to create.

What resources did you find most helpful?

A few times when I got hung up during the challenge it helped me to visit the crayligraphy website and go back to basics. Usually I had got into a rush and missed something fundamental. 

The Facebook group was also a big help. There were plenty of people in there helping me along along and giving me support.

What challenges did you face during your challenge month?

My wife and I had a baby in February, and I hosted the challenge during March. There were a few nights where it was tricky to make time to sit down and do my practice (there were definitely a couple of nights where I only did 5 minutes of Cray). But, even on the nights where I time was short, sitting down and focusing on doing some Crayligraphy helped me improve and move on.

Another challenge during my month was 'The Big Instagram Outage of 2019', The entire Facebook network went down for about 12 hours meaning I couldn't upload anything to Instagram or Facebook. I had been planning to do an Instagram live that evening and had been plugging it for days. After the network was back up I had to rearrange the live and catch up with my uploads. It sounds pathetic now but it was really frustrating at the time.

What was your favorite part of hosting an entire month of prompts on @20MinutesOfCray?

The fab people I got to meet and speak to. Seriously - 3 months on I'm still in regular touch with people who I met through the challenge.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in taking on the challenge either as the host or a participant?

Go for it! 

If you want to take part pick up a marker pen and have a go. Everybody taking part started somewhere, and we all want to help you and see you succeed.

If you want to host it, don't get too hung up thinking about the whole month. Just tackle each day as it comes and the month will take care of itself. And don't worry too much about the time commitment. If you can set aside about 30 - 40 minutes each day that's enough to draw your piece, photograph it, upload and engage with the other people taking part.

Are you planning to continue your practice and if so, how will you stay committed?

Definitely! Although I've let the daily practice slip since hosting the challenge I've been keeping my hand in with markers and lettering. 

One of my close friends is hosting the challenge soon - and as she supported me by taking part every day I'm going to have to return the favour or risk being branded a crappy friend! 😃


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